Phone Systems

telephoneLoaded with advanced capabilities yet amazingly easy to use, ESI’s patented All-In-One Phone Systems give your business the power to present your most professional side to your customers.

This telephone system combines multiple first-rate, feature rich systems into one tightly integrated unit!

  • Business Phone System
  • Enhanced Caller ID
  • Voice Mail
  • Automatic Call Distribution  (ACD)
  • •Automated Attendant
  • Call Record Feature
  • Messages – on hold
  • Optional VIP Communication Management

VIP lets you intelligently do the following from your PC’s Screen:

  • Save conversations as .wav files for future documentation
  • Manage your telephone calls
  • Mange your voice mail
  • Organize your contacts
  • Log all your inbound and outbound calls

VIP is easy to implement. It connects to your existing local area network and is non-invasive.